New Technology Sharing Session

Nucleotides Sugar Phosphates Quantification by Ion exchange Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (IC-MS) 

We are delighted to launch a NEW targeted metabolomics service on ICS-6000 HPIC system (IC) coupled to high-resolution accurate mass spectrometer (HRAM) Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS. The 1st installation of IC-MS in Hong Kong for academic research use!

Please attend the Zoom sharing session to learn more about the new technology/service, and the latest promotions on new platform. See if new metabolite panel could support your research and help generate preliminary data for the upcoming grant applications.

Date: Oct 6, 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Zoom Meeting ID: 924 3897 7971

*Prior registration is required.


Key features:

  • IC offers robustness and reproducible separation of highly polar metabolites
  • HRAM enables higher sensitivity and enhanced data coverage: ideal for discovery studies, semi-targeted metabolomics projects: isotope labeled flux analysis
  • Targeted quantification of phosphorylated anionic metabolites which are associated with central carbon metabolism such as glycolysis/TCA cycle, pentose phosphate pathway, and purine & pyrimidine metabolism (NTPs/dNTPs)
  • NTPs & dNTPs can be quantified in a single experiment using standard 35 min IC gradient.
  • Sample type and requirement: Cell lysate (<5 million cells)

For further service enquiries, please contact us at 2831 5484 or