New Instruments and Service in Bioresearch Support Core (CPOS)

Bioresearch Support Core provides a wide range of instruments to support daily research activities in the Faculty of Medicine. In addition to over 20 existing preparative and analytical equipment for routine sample processing and analysis that is currently available for use, we are glad to launch three additional systems/service on 1st Jan 2022.

  1. Waters AutoPurification System

This AutoPurification System is an automated liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC/MS) system for preparative-scale purification of synthetic small molecules or bioactive compounds from crude extracts of natural products. Equipped with both Quadrupole (QDa) and Photodiode Array (PDA) detector, this prep LC/MS System provides the flexibility of mass-directed or absorbance-directed fraction collection of various components from chromatographic separation.

More information available at

Usage charge: HK$70/hour (analytical run) and HK$120/hour (preparative run)

  1. BCN3D SIGMA R19 3D printer

SIGMA R19 is a sophisticated 3D printer for high-resolution and high-speed printing. Compatible with a wide range of printing materials and with easy-to-use software, SIGMA R19 enables convenient printing of custom-made laboratory tools for various purposes include fabricating devices for unique experimental setup or special molecular/biological structure models for research or teaching purpose.

Further information available at

Usage charge: HK$20/hour (include standard printing material)

  1. Bruker AVANCETM III 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer
    (Service provided by the Department of Microbiology)

Bruker Avance III 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer is a high-resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance system equipped with a high sensitivity broadband inverse probe. Coupling with a SampleXpress autosampler and a state-of-art TopSpin 3.1 software, the system offers fully automated sample loading and NMR data collection to maximize samples throughput. Over 300 1D, 2D, and 3D NMR pulse programs are implemented in the system to allow a wide range of applications such as:

  • Small molecule qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Structure determination of organic molecules and small peptides
  • Small molecule sample or mixture purity determination
  • Metabolomics studies on urine, serum, tissue and cell samples
  • Ligand-observed NMR (WaterLogsy and STD-NMR) experiments for drug library screening and drug target identification and characterization

Further information available at
Service charge: HK$300/hour (excluding data processing)

Other updates

  1. Upgrade of mycoplasma screening service
    To accommodate extra samples beyond the weekly free screening quota, the core will process additional samples with a at cost price of HK$10/sample.
    Please visit the updated sample submission page for details.

  1. Adjustments of usage charges of other instruments
    Hourly usage charges of instruments are updated to sustain the operation and performance in the core. Please visit the Usage Charge page for details.

For any inquiry, please contact or 3917 7558.