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We are excited to announce that 10X Single Cell Gene Expression Flex service is now available at CPOS Genomics Core!

The Flex assay is compatible with a diverse range of sample types, from fresh or frozen cells, nuclei to tissues, while enabling researchers to fix samples for easier batching and more flexible handling. Additionally, with the option of sample multiplexing, you can enjoy our service for less than HK$10,000 per sample!

Visit our website for more information and contact us at singlecell10x.cpos@hku.hk to plan your first Flex experiment!

Oligo Ordering: Fall Promotion 2023

CPOS Oligo Ordering: Fall Promotion 2023

We are deeply thankful for your continued support to our IDT-CPOS Genomics Core Oligo Ordering Service all along! In view of the new semester, we are delighted to present to you our Oligo Fall Promotion 2023!

As one of the biggest manufacturers within the genomic industry, IDT provides all sorts of genomics solutions to support researchers. We hope that you can find the right tools for every experiment and wish you a fantastic academic year ahead!

Details of promotion is available below:

Discount period:
1st – 30th Nov 2023

For EACH order:

Total price (HKD) Total Price (USD) Discount
≥$3,000 ≥$384.6 5% off
≥$5,000 ≥$641.0 10% off
≥$10,000 ≥$1,282.0 15% off

*** NOT eligible for orders including 25 nmole DNA/plate oligos ***

Please visit the IDT-CPOS Genomics Core portal for online oligo purchases!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Order must be placed within the designated promotion period, adhering to Hong Kong time.
  2. User information collected during the account registration process is exclusively intended for internal use and will not be disclosed to any third parties.
  3. The discount criteria and benefits do NOT apply to dry ice shipment charge.
  4. The discounted price will be clearly indicated in the monthly invoice.
  5. The price displayed in the shopping cart will be based on the conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.8 HKD.
  6. In the event of any dispute, the final decision rests with CPOS.

Oligo Fall Promotion 2023

Sanger Sequencing: Back to School Promotion

Sanger Sequencing: Back to School Promotion

Sanger sequencing serves as a pivotal role in genetics research by providing rapid and accurate sequencing data for centuries. We are glad to introduce our Back-to-School Promotion limited for HKU academics! Our high-quality sequencing data generated from high throughput instrument would support your tight schedule and budget research with low price and short turn-around time. From now on until 31st Oct 2023, HKU users would be able to get special discount for ordering sanger sequencing service and save up to $400 per plate!

Promotion Period: 3 – 31 October 2023
Turn-around Time: 1-2 working days

Per Sample:

Original Price $30

Promotional Price $25

Per Plate (90 Samples):

Original Price $2,400

Promotional Price $2,000

Don’t Miss Out! Try Our Service Now!

For enquiries, please contact us at 2831-5469 / 2831-5477 or sangerseq.cpos@hku.hk

Sanger Sequencing Promotion Oct 2023