CPOS Bioinformatics Workshops

Four Bioinformatics workshops will be held in Feb by CPOS Bioinformatics Core. These workshops aim to equip participants with knowledge in Bioinformatics and programming languages for interpretation and analysis of biological data to tackle biological problems.

These workshops will be held every Friday in Feb with limited quotas:

Topic Description Date Time Venue
Introduction to Linux and HPCF Introduce basic knowledge of Linux and HPCF service provided in HKU CPOS. The workshop will cover on using Putty to connect remote Linux server, basic commands of Linux bash shell, text files manipulation in Linux and usage of CPOS HPCF service. Practical sessions will be included to apply knowledge covered in the workshop. 3rd Feb 2023 09:30 – 18:00 Yu Chun Keung Medical Library (Knowledge Hub)
Introduction to Python Programming Language This workshop aims to give lesson in learning basic syntax and functions in Python on manipulation and interpretation of biological data and integrated with practical sessions for practicing. 10th Feb 2023
Introduction to R Programming Language Introduce basic knowledge of R programming language. The workshop will primarily cover on R and RStudio, R packages, basics, and plotting. There will be practical sessions to apply knowledge covered in workshop to manipulate biological data tables. 17th Feb 2023
General Introduction to Bioinformatics Introduce basic bioinformatics and NGS concepts. This workshop will include human genome exploration, basic knowledge of next generation sequencing (NGS), NGS applications and introduction to CPOS bioinformatics services. The practical sessions will focus on using web-based tools to solve biologists’ question. 24th Feb 2023


  1. We will provide computers with all required software.
  2. All HKUMed students and staffs are welcome to join!!
  3. Candidates are welcome to register for all workshops.
  4. The registration will be closed on 13th Jan 2023.
  5. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted through HKU email address by 20th Jan 2023.

Registration link: https://linktr.ee/hkucpos_bioinfo_workshops

For enquiries, please contact us at 2831-5418 or email through bioinfo.cpos@hku.hk

**CPOS Bioinformatics Core reserves the right of final decision**