Label-Free DIA Quantitative Proteomics Service Update

Label-Free DIA Quantitative Proteomics
(New Platform Service Available NOW)

We are pleased to update you all regarding NEW label free proteomics service available on timsTOF pro mass spectrometer platform.

Data-Independent Acquisition (DIA) is a label-free quantitative technique which provides highly consistent quantitation and broad proteome coverage. We create a customized spectral library with your specific sample and then analyze individual samples using nano-flow LC-MS/MS with DIA scanning and quantitation.

Key features:

  • Ideal for long-term projects or projects with large sample sets which require accurate and reproducible quantitation
  • Data completeness >98% proteins quantifiable
  • directDIA (without spectra library), DIA (with DDA based spectral library) both type of protein quantification service available
  • Sample type and requirement: Cell lysate and Organoids (<1 Million cells)
  • With Tims-PASEF technology & high scan speed (100Hz) 5000-6000 Protein ID& Quan (200ng peptides) with 60 min LC gradient

Special Promotion for Faculty researchers only

1-Jan-2021 to 31-Mar-2021

Full service for Label-free directDIA Protein quantification

For further service enquiries, please contact us at 2831 5482 or