Bile acids Targeted Quantification on QTRAP Mass Spectrometer

(New Targeted Metabolomics Service Available NOW)


31 July 2020 (Friday)

11:00 am – 12:00 noon

Via Zoom:

          Meeting ID:  967 1012 1583 (Simple registration at Zoom is required*)

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PM Core has recently enhanced the targeted panels on bile acids and short chain fatty acids (SCFA) using varied sample type, which are commonly studied in area of gut microbiota, and cancer research, see if these new panels could support your research and help generate preliminary data for the upcoming grant applications.

Promotion Period: Jul 31, 2020 to Sept 30, 2020

                                 Bile acids panel$800 HKD per sample*

           Short chain fatty acids panel$600 HKD per sample* (*terms and conditions apply).

(Targeted Quant Full service – include Sample preparation, LC-MS/MS runs, and Data analysis)

We also provide routine MS-based targeted analysis for broad categories of metabolites below,

  • Fatty acids (Medium to Long Chain)
  • Amino acids and derivatives
  • Tricarboxylic acids, Glycolysis and Phosphate Pentose pathway intermediates
  • Steroids
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Antibiotics
  • Kit-based targeted profiling (180 metabolites)