Imaging and Flow Cytometry Core: BD Influx Cell Sorter Basic Operation Training Workshop

BD Influx Cell Sorter Basic Operation Training Workshop

You are cordially invited to the BD Influx Cell Sorter Training Workshop which will be held from 20-24,30 June 2022.
BD Influx is a newly installed Jet-in-Air cell sorter in the Imaging and Flow Cytometry Core. It provides an open, configurable cell sorting platform which can be fully optimized for a broad range of unique applications that require specific and highly stringent sorting condition. Influx is equipped with 4 lasers (Violet 405nm, Blue 488nm, Yellow-Green 561nm, and Red 640nm lasers) that allow multiple emission spectrum detection simultaneously and could support high speed sorting that ensures high purity of the sorted populations with better cell viability.

The workshop will include a mandatory seminar and operation training session. The details are shown below:


Introduction of Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Seminar (Mandatory)

Speaker: Dr. Ivy CHEN, BD Specialist

Date: 20 June 2022 (Monday)

Time: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

*Seminar will be held as MS Teams meeting


Operation Training Sessions

Date: 21-24,30 June 2022

To register, please visit:

Please refer to the poster below for more detailed information.